Worship at St John’s

Sundays (September to June) 10.45am and 6.30 pm

Sundays (July & August) 10.00am and 9 pm

Morning services

The morning services are designed to bring together all age groups in praise and learning. The whole church meets at the stated time as one and the opening act of worship takes account of the presence even of babies. There is also a “children’s time” which serves as an introduction to the theme of the service for the whole congregation. In the second part of the service, the children go to different groups (as Sunday School) where the same theme is explored as in the sermon for the adults.

In July & August services have a less formal style and in the middle part there are activities for children. The children join the congregation again for the last act of worship.

Evening services

The 6.30 pm service has a more intimate character suited to a smaller number. It is held in the Clyde Room.

The 9 pm “Sundown Service” in July & August is about 20 minutes in length, is a service of prayers, readings and song and is held in the Chapel of St John’s Centre.

After the services, on the last Sunday of the month, from September to June refreshments are served in the Church Centre after morning services, as they are after all the 6.30 pm services and after all the 10 am services in July & August.

Nursing Home Service

On the first Sunday of a month at 2 pm, St John’s organises a service for the residents of the Avonbridge Nursing Home to which others are very welcome.

The Sacraments


The sacrament of Baptism is administered to children, preferably on the last Sunday of a month, but also at times mutually convenient to Minister and family.


The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated at the four traditional Communion “seasons” on the second Sundays of March, June and September and on the first Sunday of December. There are also communions after morning service on the first Sunday of the year and on Good Friday at 3 pm.