The Guild meet on the First and Third Monday of each month in the Centenary Hall at 7.30pm and runs from October through to March.

The Guild is a social group for people of all ages with the aim of inviting and encouraging members to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and enable them to express their faith in worship, prayer and action.

The Guild Motto is: “Whose we are and whom we serve.”

The meeting start on the First Monday of October with a rededication service and buffet. In some ways it seems a long time since we all met but in other ways the summer seems to have flown past.

The secretary has been hard at work on our behalf putting the syllabus together and we know you will, as always, enjoy the variety of speakers and entertainers we will hear during the session.

Copies of the syllabus will be available at this time and as always you will have a copy delivered by a committee member.

We look forward to seeing you all again. If you have never been at the Guild before come along and join us. You will be warmly welcomed. Friendships will be renewed and new friends will be made. Come along and be a part of it.