New Website

Welcome to our new website which we have just launched. We are very pleased at how it is starting to shape up but we will continue to improve it in the coming weeks and months.

Please come back and see how we are getting on.

Heart and Soul

Well done to all those who helped organise the Hamilton, St John’s tent which was on display at the Church of Scotland’s Heart and Soul celebration in Princes’s Street Gardens Edinburgh last Sunday.

It it was nice to see St John’s playing it’s part in the work of the Church as well as sharing with others our experience what we do here in Hamilton as well as taking the opportunity to talk to them and to learn from them.


Christian Aid

A big thank you to all of those who collected and counted money for Christian Aid last week. A further thanks to those who took part in our outdoor tent providing music entertainment to the those in the town centre. A particular thanks go to the pupils from Hamilton Grammar School who played their part and helped show that “community” is alive and kicking in Hamilton.

Pastoral Matters

As our minister is away on a fact finding matter for the Church of Scotland to Canada.  Please contact Ross Blackman if you require the services of a minister. Ross can be contacted on 07754 1234567.